Electra Construction works to promote accessibility, carefully adhering to the regulations of the Equal Rights for People with Disabilities Law (1998).

We view all our customers, including our customers with disabilities, as equals who are entitled to fully access the company's properties and services. We therefore strive to make all the necessary adjustments in order to provide complete accessibility at both physical and online sites.
This section of our website is intended to inform you about how you can benefit from the company's accessibility arrangements.

Office Accessibility 

Our offices are located on the 23rd floor of Moshe Aviv Tower, 7 Jabotinsky St., Ramat Gan. Accessible parking spaces are available on the -3 level. Please note that these parking spaces are dependent on availability and entail a fee (the entrance height of the parking lot is 2.0m). Accessible restrooms are located on the lobby level. The building also offers an accessible elevator. 

Website Accessibility

Electra Construction strives to promote equal online opportunities for individuals with a variety of disabilities and those who use computer assistive technology.

Website Accessibility Details

  • This site complies with the Equal Rights for People with Disabilities Law (Service Accessibility Adjustments), 2013.
  • Accessibility adaptations have been implemented according to the recommendations of the Israeli standard (SI 5568) for AA-level web content accessibility and the international WCAG 2.0 document. 
  • Test results showed that the website has the highest compatibility with Firefox.
  • The site provides a semantic structure for assistive technologies and supports the standard pattern of using the arrow keys, Enter, and Esc to exit menus and windows. See the Website Operation section for more details.
  • The website is adapted for display in popular browsers and on mobile phones.
  • Website accessibility support was provided by the A-2-Z internet marketing and accessibility company.
  • For the best browsing experience with a screen reader, we recommend using the latest NVDA software.

If you come across any accessibility problems while browsing, we would be happy to hear from you. Please let us know the best way to contact you in response. 

Accessibility Coordinator:

Ofri Elitzur
Tel: 03-7535893

Tel: 03-7535900
Fax: 03-7535828 


Please note that this information is dynamic and is updated periodically.